About Us


AETIS can provide support in the areas of:

  • Reviews of scientific and technical proposals
  • Capturing and advising of cubesat and smalll sat technical specifications and development
  • Project management expertise in the project costing, schedules, milestones and reporting 




AETIS  brings you over thirty-five years of working experience with the government in multiple technical areas of research and engineering for a vast range of air and space vehicles and facilities. It also includes leadership and management experience, specifically over high level program and project management personnel and contractors.  

AETIS provides facilities and project management for a wide range of engineering test equipment. This includes information technology tools, computers, simulation facilities  (including the world's largest simulation facility), wind tunnels and arc jets. Experience with work in technical engineering and researcher of air and space vehicles.  

AETIS will provide  technical knowledge of proposal development for scientific missions, instruments, launch vehicles, ground support equipment and mission operations.  In addition we provide business development, strategies and planning, portfolio management, customer relations, marketing and personnel management.


AETIS is women owned business with over 35 years of experience working with the government, military, academia and industry. It is  built on a foundation of teamwork, integrity, dedication, and commitment to our customers, partners,
contractors, our community and our environment.  

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